Teaching is my joy and passion.

I am delighted when I have the opportunity to give the results of my research over the past 20 years and enable midwives and dance teachers to give pre- and post-natal classes that I know will be good for future and young mothers.

I look at my work as feminist work in the sense that it is work that encourages women to regain their feminine strength so often lost. The root of our female power is in our pelvis, in our perineum, a body base that allows us to maintain our female health, to give strong and at the same time relaxed births, to perform body re-education after childbirth and to dance the oriental dance.

That’s how I do training on these three topics:

  • prenatal dance as preparation for birth
  • postnatal dance as post-partum rehabilitation
  • training the perineum through dance to prevent uterine collapse and incontinence.

Each training course lasts two days and is certified by a diploma. The internships are in French and take place in Fribourg (near Basel and Colmar) or where I am invited.

If you want to combine joy, cheerfulness and sensuality, these courses are for you!