Belly dancing and the pelvic floor

Women living in other civilizations than our Western one have got a far lower rate of uterine descent and less problems with their pelvic floors. They move more than we do; they squat for working, sitting and excreting and they dance those dances which keep the female organs well supplied with blood and healthy. By practising belly dancing we beneft from this traditional knowledge and contribute actively to keep the abdominal part of our bodies in good health.

The pelvic floor plays an important part in this context. If – for various reasons – it loses its elasticity, this will have a number of negative effects, from uterine descent to incontinence. The consequence is a loss of mobility and joy of life. Every woman should keep in mind that the typical problems relating to the pelvic floor are not natural but almost always result from factors that could have been avoided. Belly dancing is the means of changing one’s course and starting to practise a new life style that will strengthen the pelvic floor or at least prevent further damage. The upright posture in the dance is impossible without the pelvic floor. More than that, the pelvic floor is actively involved in every single hip movement. I know women who have overcome their incontinence just by regularly practising belly dancing and who have praised and propagated this dance ever since.

Belly dancing should be combined with a focused pelvic floor training and also exercises for the muscles that are synergetic with the pelvic floor, such as the muscles of thighs, buttox, belly, hips and back. This will finally lead to a strengthening and tightening of the whole pelvic floor. Belly dancing is fun and lifts a woman’s body and spirit. Many of my dance students have told me happily that they have been praised for their strong pelvic floors by their gyneocologists. The pelvic floor is our supporting basis, our center of power. To preserve and cultivate this power should be our ultimate goal – until old age.